The only fad that never dies down is the urge to get slim instantly. There comes a day or a week, even, in people’s lives when they feel the sudden impulse to get up and go for a high intensity workout. This desire can be triggered by a number of things; such as meeting a friend who has drastically lost weight, an information about obesity that startled them or a new gym membership. Whatever the case maybe, this desire is short-lived as it is not backed by the right and healthy motivation.

Following are top 20 slimming tips, which make sure that you stick to your path of losing weight in a very healthy fashion. By following these tips, you will not only lose weight (primary goal), your body and your lifestyle are also going to become healthy too (real goal).

  1. Drinking lots of water is perhaps one of the best tips anyone can give to have and keep a slim body. It works in multiple ways. First off, drinking lots of water before and in between meals keeps you from over-filling your stomach with food. When the water takes up most of that empty space in the stomach, the desire to gobble down food diminishes. Secondly, allowing good quantity of water inside the body also helps in flushing away the toxins and if you didn’t know, all the filtered toxins from the blood are attached and stored with the fat cells; so clear them away.
  2. Make healthy eating choices. No one needs to tell you that eating fried and sugary stuff is not only bad for your weight, it is definitely bad for your health too. Pick your own favorite vegetables and fruits and switch them with unhealthy snacks.
  3. Don’t make room for stress in your life because it can even cause the generation of more fat cells in the body. Besides that, many people are inclined towards eating more junk food while they are under constant stress. In order to relieve stress distract your mind by a healthy hobby or better yet, by doing Yoga or meditation.
  4. Never try to skip your breakfast. Breakfast is really THE most important meal of the day. This is what gives fuel to our body so that it can keep on performing for the rest of the working hours. People, who start skipping breakfast, are actually doing more harm than good to themselves. Our body has a mind of its own and if it didn’t, it would become really difficult to survive in stressful situations. When we consume less food, either deliberately or forcefully, the body goes into a watchful mode by slowing the metabolism so that the individual has still enough fat cells to survive on for some days. If you are trying to stay slim, don’t go there. Eat a healthy and complete breakfast every day.
  5. If you do get hungry often, try filling up your tummy with a lot of green vegetables. Not all vegetables and fruits are non-fattening, but the green ones definitely are; so eat them as much as you want.
  6. One of the biggest causes of obesity is having a very late dinner. Plan your last complete meal around the time of dusk, so that the body still has time to digest it while you are busy with last chores of the day. If it stays undigested, it is only going to cause problems in the morning and you will start skipping breakfast once again.
  7. Create a healthy lifestyle and you will notice that your appetite is going to come back on track itself. You are going to feel even fresher and would definitely make healthier choices during the day. Therefore sleeping and waking up on time is essential to staying slim.
  8. Don’t go on a crash diet; it never works. Of course if people are highly motivated because of the upcoming wedding or a big day in their life, they will only convince themselves to exercise intensively till that day after which they might even go further back into their old routine. Hence exercise and diet should be a healthy lifestyle change instead of a way to achieve a short-term success.
  9. Always make a list of the things you need from the grocery store and then stick to it. Going grocery shopping when you are hungry could turn disastrous to your goal of getting slim.
  10. If you need to go somewhere not that far away, then it is much better to walk than taking the bus or the car. one can always use the extra walk, so do it.
  11. Include some form of exercise into your routine. If you are put off by working out in the gym, then don’t go there. There are plenty of other things that you can do; for instance many people enjoy brisk walking, jogging and swimming. All of these are healthy activities that help you remain slim.
  12. Any form of exercise is a good way to keeping one slim. However, for some people it can get boring. The best solution to this problem is never going for exercise alone. Either join a group activity like dance aerobics, yoga or simple aerobics or find a partner to go jogging or swimming with you.
  13. Once in while make room for eating your favourite food; like a slice of pizza, burger or even doughnuts. Indulging in a treat at regular intervals will be good for you because you can then look forward to it and it will not completely put you off from dieting and exercising.
  14. Stick a photo of you when you were slim or of your favourite celebrity with a good body (even though they attained it artificially) somewhere very visible so that your motivation level for becoming slim doesn’t die down.
  15. Surprisingly the type of clothes you wear all day long also affects your drive to becoming slim. Wearing lose clothes all day long will only keep you from being active. It is also going to hide all the features that you must improve. Start wearing clothes that fit you appropriately so that there is no place to fill your tummy more than you should.
  16. Buy some really nice clothes, in a size smaller than yours. Since you have spent a lot of money, you will not let it go to waste and therefore it is going to serve as a good target to achieve. Hang it in your cupboard and every time you go to change your clothes, your new outfits are going to serve as a constant reminder to make healthy eating and living choices.
  17. Keeping smaller targets is a more realistic approach than trying to lose several pounds in a week. Even if you plan on losing 1 ½ – 2 pounds a week, then slowly and gradually you are going to achieve your goal without disrupting your life too much. When you get slim the right way, your new weight is going to stay for a long time.
  18. If you can, then always go for the organic food stuff. Many of the edible things that we usually find in the grocery store have been nurtured by drugs and medications to improve their appearance or size. This is true for fruits, vegetables and even meat. The pesticides and other chemicals that find their way into our body are all forms of toxins which have to be avoided otherwise not only will the fat keep on accumulating, it can cause problems in our body too. So eat less but eat healthy.
  19. Instead of going for larger meals three times a day, fuel yourself with 4 – 5 smaller meals throughout the day. This is going to prevent hunger pangs and will keep you energized for the complete day. Snack on healthy munching items, like nuts, popcorn, sautéed beans, crispy vegetables and of course fruits.
  20. Get a membership of a health club and from time to time enjoy the luxuries of a sauna or a steam bath. This is also going to help in clearing away the wastes from the body through perspiration. It is also going to help you relax and get away from work and other mundane preoccupations of life. if you don’t want to spend a lot on the membership for which you may or may not have time, do a one-time expenditure and get a sauna bath installed in your bathroom.

Staying slim might not be healthy at first, but it is most certainly the healthier thing to do. If you still think that you are not capable of devising the right plan for yourself then listen to experts like Wes Virgin, a nutritionist and wellness expert, who has recently written The Fat Diminisher and it not only contains a diet and life plan that everyone can follow, it also contains healthy tips on how to detoxify the body of all those toxins which are primarily causing the unhealthy weight gain.

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